Istria à la Jules Verne

The first part of the novel "Mathias Sandorf" written by Jules Verne is located in town of Trieste (Italy) and the region of Istria (Croatia). Our program follows the events of this part of the novel. You will see the locations described by Jules Verne, an excellent opportunity to admire their beauty.

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From the underground to the stars

Discover the beauty of Istria in a specific way. Visit the beautiful istrian towns, hills and valleys. In the first part of every excursion we take you into underground and in the second part we will touch the stars.

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Festival of istrian cuisine

Istria is famous for its gastronomy, good wines and olive oils. The food and beverages are even better when consumed in typical environment, in an istrian “konoba” The duration of the program is 6 days with 5 overnights.

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Plava laguna resort - photo from:

Hotel accommodation

We offer the accommodation in confortable, good quality and renovated hotels 3 and 4 stars in Poreč. Hotels are well known for their quality, good service and delicious food. The offer is on request, send us the accommodation you need and we will send you an offer.

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Apartments Elena

We offer the accommodation in confortable apartments in Poreč, Spadici, area situated 2 km from Poreč centre.

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Excursions to Venice

  • Poreč - Venice - Piran
  • Poreč - Venice - Poreč
  • Pula - Venice - Pula
  • Rabac - Venice - Rabac
  • Rovinj - Venice - Rovinj
  • Umag - Venice - Umag

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Dolphins tour by boat

Boat trip in the evening, the departure is from the port of Poreč going to search the dolphins. When the dolphins are found, there is a break to watch the dolphins swim and play. The total duration of the trip is about 2 hours. Nice sunset can be seen on the sea.

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Venice by high speed boat


During your stay in Istria you have the opportunity to take a high speed boat for an excursion to Venice, one of the most beuatiful and romantic city of the world. It is a city with more than 400 bridges, a multitude of channels, historical monuments. The boat ride takes 2 hours and 45 minutes cca. in one way and the same on the way back.

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Višnjan Observatory

Visit the famous observatory in Visnjan during your stay in Porec, Istria. The observatory is famous for finding oasteroids n the space. A local expert will make explannations about activities.

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Fish picnic

Boat trip from Porec, daily excursion by traditional boat from Porec to Rovinj, free time in Rovinj, on the way back going near by the Lim channel, lunch based on fish on the booat. On the way back, stop in Vrsar, free time.

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Lim channel

Visit to Lim channel by car, mini bus or bus from Poreč or surroundings. We can organise the taste of oysters, a lunch based on fish and seafood, a boat trip in Lim channel

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Baredine cave

Baredine cave - photo from:

Excursion to the Baredine cave from Porec, visit of the cave, free time.

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Pula excursion

Excursion from Porec to Pula. You can see the Roman amphitheatre, a lot of Roman cultural monuments, the square Forum, the Porta Gemina, the city market and other interesting monuments and also the shipyard Uljanik.

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Daily excursions tailor made


Excursions with the departure from Porec for 1 - 16 persons in the place of your interest..

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Wine / Olive oil / Cheese Tasting

Excursions with departure from Porec for 1 - 16 people. We take you to the Wine / Olive Oil / Cheese producer. You will receive explanations about the production and you will taste the products of the host

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Traditional fairs in Istria

Fair in Pazin

Excursions with departure from Porec for 1 - 16 people. We take you to the traditional fair (samanj) in Istria of your choice. Our offer consists of the Pazin Fair, which is held every first Tuesday of the month, the Žminj Fair, which is held every second Wednesday of the month, and the Višnjan Fair, which is held every last Thursday of the month. The break at the fair is two hours, followed by a return to the place of departure.

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